Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday sees American deaths hit 4000...

No politics. Short and sweet: please say a little prayer for my country today. Thanks.


  1. I was just looking at the site stats. All time lows. Only when Max is gratuitously vulgar do the visits soar. Perplexing. Thoughts?

  2. The world is a sad and depressing place, as evidenced by this post. We want someone to cheer us up and make us laugh.

    Apparently, you do that when you are gratuitously vulgar.

  3. Yeah. Well. Unfortunately the boss, CB, has both leashed and muzzled Max. Max is about to explode. May I tell him you said it was ok to bark occasionally?

  4. It's indeed something to be sad about. But, in the interest of accuracy, probably more than 4000 died in the iraq war. and they are not american. but nonetheless, their deaths are just as tragic. people who had nothing to do with that insane organized crime association called nato. just like your 4000, who died for nothing. i mean, our leaders sentenced them to death by having them killed in iraq for no reason.
    i don't believe in patriotism. it's a plague. it means admitting to hate other people over yours, purely on geographical motives. and they get to die for it too.

  5. i'm being far too serious.

    can we talk about something else now? like chocolate bunnies... i still fancy one ... hmm.

  6. I was so sad when I heard this.

    However, on a lighter note, did someone say chocolate?

  7. The numbers sadden me to the point of tears. Maybe it's because I'm old enough to remember Viet Nam and the similarities I see between then and how frighten me. Maybe it's because it doesn't seem to be stopping, and if the fighting doesn't stop, I'm terrified those asses (pardon my French) in DC are going to reinstate the draft and I have a draft-age offspring. And I'm ashamed of what we're doing to the innocent people of Iraq. Marmelade is right... the numbers are so far over 4,000 that they're staggering.

    And look... I'm crying again. I'm sorry.

    Max, please be funny.



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