Friday, March 14, 2008

Like a Wombat on Skis

Just when I am ready to chuck it all and move on, I stumble across one of your incredibly witty posts, and the inspiration begins to seep back into my blood. You people are fantastic! See if you can guess which of our little group authored this little gem. (I have lots more questions for ______, but I don't yet know her well enough to ask. She gives us clues.


"The best day of skiing I ever had was that time at Thredbo when I went skiing with old school friends, and we stopped for lunch and I had a beer. One beer was the difference between skidding with trepidation and skiing with aplomb. Didn't help my technique one bit, I still looked like a wombat on skis, but I was so much more relaxed and stopped worrying about stuff like anterior cruciate ligament stability. Maybe I need to forget about the gammy hip and get myself a hip flask."


This, as opposed to a geeky flask, I suppose?


  1. God damn that's an ugly wombat. As my husband would say -

    "It's got a face like a stamped-out campfire"

  2. Having never seen a wombat, I have to wonder if that is an abnormally freakish wombat or do all wombats look like that?

  3. Me neither. Strange looking animals, aren't they. I think i would just leave them alone. Looks like a big rat, sort of.

    Aerden you need to come check out the actual website when you get a chance because I don't think you can see everything that's new with just your reader. Try to check it out today if you can and think about my idea. Please. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Happy O'Bama day tomorrow. (Is he really irish?)

  4. I've seen rats. Rats look means (at least the sewer rats in the Chicago subway tunnels do). Wombats look deranged.

    And he's not REALLY Irish. It's just that everyone gets to be an honorary Irish person in March 17. I, on the other hand, am really Irish. Irish-American. Whatever.



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