Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Posh Mama cracks me up!


  1. That's mine! Only I'm saving it for tomorrow. Don't tell my public.
    Only mine has no ribbons and says, naturellement, "my arse hurts"

  2. Oh, how a long for a choco bunny! All the damn shops are closed today!
    oh well.

  3. @a.
    Isn't that cute? Max doesn't always go in for "cute" but he was rolling around on the floor when he saw these! I did like yours much better (naturellement) when I saw them this morning when I say them on your blog. Much cooler!

    (Taking greater care with my spelling of your name today. Sorry about renaming you yesterday. Glad to see your intrecard--not that I would need reminding to vist YOU! :) Will go off can POP you again shortly. Hope you will heed my advert advice so Max can get on you before too long....

    Awww...poor choco bun-bun. I will eat one ever-so-slowly right now, and dedicate it to you. Mmmmm. ChompChomp Mmmmm! LickLick. Mmmmm! :)

  4. indeed sir, i couldn't pay more attention to you even if I wanted to. I'm a devoted girl, once you manage to catch my attention.

    PS: Ha, ha. it's going right to your ASS!!! your Big Fat Dog Ass.

  5. How strange!--It seems to actually going to the other side. Horrors!


  6. It brings to mind the old hippy toon:

    What we need is a great
    big melting pot
    Big enough to take the world
    and all it's got
    Keep it stirring for a
    hundred years or more
    Turn out chocolate colored people
    by the score

  7. Hello Rob.

    Sadly, Ol' Max is old enough to remember that one first hand.

    How unfortunate that, even after all these years of boiling and stirring, some of those lumps still won't be melted down.


  8. Note for you out there with big question marks in your eyes right now:

    Neither of us are especially advocating (or not advocating) the cause of chocolate babies. Just that it would be nice if we could learn to get along. And the comment is under a choco bunny post.

    I guess you had to be there...


  9. Peace brother ... Peace!

    How many did you say dead? 4,000 :-(

    Political leaders should lead from the front.

    We'd have fewer wars.

    Ah well, back to the peace-loving whiskey still and the enchanted herb garden. Now, where are those mushrooms?

    Then there's the rift in time to see to.

    And talking about a good seeing to.



    Oh, oh!



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