Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth to Charlie...

I came across this picture of Charles Manson in my internet travels today. I think it's a mugshot that appeared in Rolling Stone a long time ago. (It's a pretty famous picture.) If you don't know who Charles Manson is, then so much the better for you. Anyway, the picture was taken while he was still a mile high on a really swell LSD trip. It is strangely interesting to see a picture taken just at the exact moment when the person's brain stem loses neural communication with their spinal cord. So blank. So in their own little world.

I have no idea what prompted me to bring up a silly subject like "blank stares of deeply intoxicated people." Strange. Oh, well, back to the slang research.


  1. Is this in some way an explanation of your naughty behavior last night?

    I am really looking forward to the Lord Likely post.

    Be civil to me unless what exactly?

  2. @Claire. No--I hadn't realized I had been so naughty until I came in and started sweeping up in here this morning. Pretty rank, alright. But..ahem..I wasn't the only one... ;)

    Lord Likely will be cool. Had to tone down my first obscene advert I had posted though. Next time YOU decide to feel like posting, I think I'll put up an ad (advert) on the blog, too. You're more popular than the Lord, for goodness sakes. :)

    I see you have comments on BS2. I will go there now.

    I guess you've lost me about the "be civil" thing...

  3. The eyes were a not-so-clever reference to your own photo that ran a few days ago. Were we not stoned? Or is Max not able to tell anymore when I lady is trying to play sober? ;)

  4. You are comparing me to ruddy Charles Manson!


    Although that is pretty funny.

  5. he looks like Snoop Dog, lol. 4real



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