Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I promised Inside Candy a souvenir picture of Max to thank her for stopping by in the wee hours this morning. Max usually keeps his identity a secret from his blog visitors, but Candy was ever so nice. So here you go Candy. Enjoy!

Actually, those who know Max are cracking up right now. Max is really sort of a cross between a fatherly college professor and what he imagines that degenerate Lord Likely likely looks like.

So, I must confess that is not really Max. It's really Yummy Biscuits. He's sitting beside me right now, panting and asking me what I think Candy is really like.

Ok. Ok. One of you out there knows I'm still lying. That is really a picture of Clair's toy that she posted on the new "scholarly" BritSpeak2 yesterday. It is already starting over there. What was I thinking? That she would just come over and start making a list of clever British idioms? How gullible is that?

This boy is not going to stay up on this blog too long. How could he? He will distract from my Floozy when she returns. You will notice he didn't go in the header as some of you had suggested. He will, happily for me, go slowly down, and disappear from view as Max makes further posts. Which Max intends to do very quickly rather than seeing him everytime he opens this blog. PeeYecck!

Yummy has a strangely interested look in his eyes right now as he stares at my computer screen. What an indiscriminate DOG!


  1. bwahahaha!

    abso-fucking-lutely droolworthy, honey.

  2. Oddly, I prefer the soldier gal. Maybe because men shouldn't wear Speedos? Maybe I'm getting old? No, it can't be THAT.

  3. No, you're not getting old. You're just having one of them midlife "personal identity confusion" crises. That little chickadee's looking pretty good to you, eh? For your husband's sake, I guess I better that that little soldier tart down, eh? Getting excited, are we? Wink wink, nudge nudge.


    PS-saw you on the new site. Glad you made it. Say something.

  4. No personal identity confusion here. I am what I am (as ol' Popeye would say... not that I'm anything like Popeye), and confused is not one of the things I am. (Though people around me tend to get confused a lot.) And "excited" would be far too strong a word.

    Maybe hunky boy is too young. Well, if he's going to be nearly nekkid, you'd want him young, of course. Maybe we could get Matt Damon up there. Now, HE's a cute little hottie.

  5. P.S. I'll eventually say something on the other site. :)

  6. Aerten, you don't have to explain yourself to me. To each his own, right? Live and let live, Max says. Of course your saying that you think Matt is a better example doesn't really help your cause any, does it? To the contrary, it almost serves to reinforce the real direction your swing is swaying...

    Ok, I'll stop now. I like you too much to continue. But Aerten, you are such and easy target. You just throw those little dog biscuits out there that are hard for a dog like Max to resist. Are ALL SQL programmers like that?

    As for the other site, you don't have to wait until you really have something to say. I obviously don't.

  7. Oh, no. Not all SQL programmers are like me. In fact, there is no one quite like me. Certifiably unique.

    I have plenty of dog biscuits. Do you want me to smash them up into little pieces and give them to my cats instead? They're not terribly picky, though they would prefer the kitty treats.

    And Mr. Aerten is amused by this conversation.

  8. Honestly? I guess I must definitely be old as I go more for the cerebral than the visual and looking at a picture like that does nothing for me other than give me an appreciation for nice muscle tone.

    If I can't touch it, I generally don't want to look at it as why put myself through that sort of torture?

    Just sayin' ...

  9. How strange that you should be thinking of feeding me to the cats. Candy's incredible life partner is writing on her blog right this very minute, saying essentially the same thing. Except that he recommends I be ground up and canned for catfood. Only he calls it "tinning" as he has been living in South Africa too long now to remember his American. Good thing for me he's so far away, huh?

    PS--Just how big is Mr. Aerten, anyway? Albany is not NEARLY so far away as Johannesburg.

  10. Christ, Linda. You can touch it. Knock yourself out. Just wipe off your screen when you're finished.

    I think Candy probably agrees with you about that cerebral thingy. Although I suspect she probably has the best of both worlds in her William.

  11. By the way, Linda, could you please repost that last incredibly incisive comment again--only this time speak that clever talk that makes me so chuffed? I am curious how you say that in BritishSpeak. And, besides, I need to try and occasionally justify the theme of this blog. We are drifting quite far out to sea here...

  12. Feed YOU to the cats? I think not... just the dog biscuits you claim I'm dangling.

    As for Mr. Aerten... large, but in a completely non-threatening sort of way. But even if he was large in a threatening sort of way, you needn't worry about him. He's amused by all this chit chat... and far too busy killing orcs and dragons and whatnot to consider tinning you.

  13. "He will, happily for me, go slowly down"

    I agree :)


    (too rude?)

  14. No. Not rude. "Crude." You don't really have that great a command of the English language, do you? Are you sure you are really British? You seem to be drifting slowly westward across the pond. By the time you get back home they'll want their passport back. Straighten up, ok?

    Now, go back over to our other blog and read my response to your annoying little persistent question. Thank you.

    Because you are who your are (Claire, right?) I know you will eventually drag it out of me. But I will hold out as long as I can.

  15. Yes I am somewhat crude :)
    I shall stiffen my stiff upper lip and try not to get my knickers in a twist.

  16. You're not crude.

    That was a terrible thing for me to say.

    You're free spirited.

    You're funny.

    You're interesting.

    You're fun to have around.

    You add immeasurably to our little group.

    Check your entre message box in a few minutes.

  17. I've decided that you're blogworthy yummy max... and added you to my blogroll. I'm also moving in here, btw.

  18. Good morning Candy. What a nice way to end the day. Although for you the day is probably just beginning. (Its 12:45 midnight here, and I'm about to nod off again.) I sure hope you're serious, and not just toying with Max when he's half asleep!

    I hope you DO move in here. And I hope you drag William with you. Kicking and screaming if necessary.

    Come back and leave us some comments when you get your chores done, ok? Thanks again for giving me another chance to redeem myself.



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