Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yay! Football Chants are coming in!

1. Toon! Toon! Black and White Army!

2.Theres only one Kevin Keegan….
Theres only one Kevin Keegan!
Sam got the sack. We got Kev back.
Walking in a King Kev wonderland!

3. Newcastle United,
(clap clap clap clap)
newcastle united fc,
your by far the greatest team,
the worlds ever seen.

4. We’ve traveled far and wide,
weve been to merseyside,
but ther is no place where id rather be,
thats in the leazes end,
where geordies never end,
and mackem s**m
they all lie d**d at our feet.

5. We are the Geordies.
The Geordie Bootboys.
Oh we are mental.
Oh we are mad.
We are the loyalist,
football supporters the world has ever had.

6. We are the Geordies,
the Cock O’ The North.
We all hate Sunderland and Boro of course.
We all drink whiskey and Newcastle Brown.
The Geordies boys are in town!

Thanks Eddy! You were my inspiration! And thanks for the writeup at today. You rock!

Note: Eddy also referred me to for even more incomprehensible audio delights. Here I found, at the top of the page, this disclaimer: WARNING TO NEWCASTLE UNITED FANS: Many Newcastle United chants and songs contain swearing. football songs lyrics may also cause offence...

No shit?


Turns out you CAN put !!!!!!s in the post title. As usual, don't have a clue why it didn't work before.


  1. OK, Claire. I know you're lurking out there somewhere. You win again. I turned off verification. Come back and play.


    We're an eloquent bunch, dontcha think?

  3. Thanks Max, there's also one of the chant about Roy Keane which is very nasty one to hear :D

  4. I love football chants, yay no word verification!

  5. @trish

    True, a rather mundane chant. But then you have a team that knows how to win, so it's a tradeoff: you guys win, Magpies chant. Just kidding Eddy.

    : )



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