Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Linda's back. Need Some Serious Translation Here.

linda said...
Hello again, Max!

Well, blow me, you've got me sussed! Now don't I feel like a right Charlie! Ruddy hell!

Actually, a cock up on your part, I never was stationed outside of the good ole' US of A (unless you count New Jersey) but my mum's mum came across the pond via steamer when she was but a young lass of about 9 years old. Also, my mother's father's family hailed from jolly old England but came over and helped settle Connecticut long before there ever was that whole bloody revolution and disloyalty to the king stuff. Suffice it to say that British blood most definitely flows through my veins - or at least DNA!

I never met my grandmother as she died when I was but a wee babe but I probably wouldn't have learned much about the family from her as she wasn't much of a roister doister but rather dour and quiet. For all I know, all of my ancestors were doing porridge for having attempted to nick the Queen's jewels or something! I've been meaning to look up the family genealogy but just haven't had the time what with the whole blogging thing and all.

Anyhow, enough of this or else you'll think I'm off my trolley. I'm going to chivvy off but I shall have to pop by again soon and chat some more.

By the by, because it's the dog's bollocks, I've added your blog to my Reader! Cheers!

March 12, 2008 7:06 PM

relax max said...
Welcome back, Linda. Your reappearance has made me very happy. I was beginning to think you were just a one-shot kind of gal. But you've come twice and I admire that in a lady.

But listen to your talk!--I admit I don't really understand what you said, but I sense you are just ASKING for trouble, aren't you? I usually allow a full two days grace period for new visitors before I mount a full-fledged counterattack. But your kind of talk just won't wait. Besides, you're no real Brit. You're really just a bloody colonial, same as I, Snooty Connecticut abode notwithstanding. So take cover, lass. Let the initial landing-zone bombing begin.

For starters, look tomorrow to have your bold comments posted on the front page for all the world to see. At least all in our little world here. Let's see how your perky sass holds up when I turn those tenth-generation bloodthirsty Brits and Aussies loose on you!

Why do I have the feeling that won't faze you a bit? We'll see. Perhaps they'll leave you be--I put them in their places pretty fairly today. Especially that troublemaker Claire. I doubt we'll be seeing the likes of THAT little fox around here again soon!

March 12, 2008 7:51 PM


Not to change the subject Linda, but is that little Susie--Calvin's 1st grade nemesis--all grown up in your avatar? Or am I seeing things that aren't really there? Are you her? Oh, my, I hope not. I may be in for it.

Thanks for subscribing to my feed. At least I think that's what you said.


  1. Linda is the dog's bollocks! She speaks like a true Brit.

    No grumbles from this fox :)

  2. Dear Max,

    Taking a moment or two from wandering the grounds of my palatial estate here in Connecticut to stop back by and say 'hello'. Just to see how close to the mark I was, I won't translate my comments for you but will allow them to stay as is and see if they stand the tests of scrutiny by the true loyal subjects of the Queen who, hopefully, visit your lovely little blog.

    As for my avatar; the picture was drawn by oldest daughter who is actually quite talented when it comes to cartoons and such and all likenesses to existing cartoon characters, real or imaginary, are purely coincidence!

    Regardless, you still may be in for it!

    Do have a lovely day and as the Governor of California has said a time or two, "I'll be bach ..." You can, of course be Beethoven if you'd like but perhaps that's for another day?

    Lady Linda
    Norwich on Thames

  3. Hi Linda. They all seem to be asleep today. That's my fault, I guess. Or else they are all at work now. I keep forgetting the time difference. Except Claire. I think she works at home. (nudge nudge wink wink)

    God, I'll say your daughter is talented! Understatement!

    But do you remember Susie? (Calvin & Hobbes. )Do you remember who she was? You don't you think there is an eerie resemblance? I mean, Obviously you resemble her somewhat, personality-wise, but...

  4. What are implying now max? That I host sausage fests as my line of work?

  5. Thank you for finally telling me what sausage fest means. At least I think you did. Through the back door. Sort of. Thanks. Did you like the Rhode Island comment?

  6. "Long-winded chick from Connecticut"?? Ouch.

    And yes, I do remember Susie and I think you may be right regarding the resemblance. Trying to remember if she was "long-winded" too or not ...

  7. Max/Tom i like all your comments. Even when you sound very very grumpy :)

  8. That's not grump, that's sarcasm. Cutting edge humor. Sorry if it came off as grumpy. Will change to a more chipper max when next I visit.



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