Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Joke? I suppose not...

Something has set Yummy off again. You probably can guess.

As you know, neither Max nor BritishSpeak are in the least political. We recognize we have numerous Thatcher-ite conservatives who read our blog regularly, and we do our best not to offend you. As a recent example, at their request, Max took down the blog header showing Maggie next to a dog's ass. We aim to please. Far be it for Max to offend anyone.

Those of you who have been around this blog any length of time, however, are well aware that Max's bumbling pal, Yummy Biscuits, has no such reservations. As a consideration to Yummy for protecting Max against the Knife Wife, Max is hereby giving Yummy some link love to his new post. But be warned: Yummy doesn't like Bush nearly as much as the British. Do make allowances. Also, Yummy is not nearly as level-headed and classy as Max.

(Note to Rob: if you were offended by a little classic Henry Miller, then you best not go anywhere near this new post of Yummy's. You'll click your tongue right out of your mouth. Just a word to the wise, my friend.)

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