Friday, April 25, 2008

Great carnivorous chrysanthemums!

The Doodle Week task of the day is "Flowers or Plants".

My aplogies for taking so long to post this--this was a very difficult doodle for me and took a long time to complete.

This is a timely theme, as I am inspired by my own garden plot which is coming along Nicely!!


  1. Talented drawing!! As one only eminently Beautiful and Witty could execute.

  2. A mere trifle, my dear. But thank you for recognizing my several hours of hard labor. Notice the fine reverse swirling, and the careful use of "Chrysanthemum"

    Note also the correct spelling of meat eater.

    Thank you for the compliment, my child.

  3. That definitely looks like the Audrey 2.

  4. Ummmm...Audry2?

    wtf Kelly???

    I'm not going to have to visit your confusing blog to find out what the hell you are talking about am I??

  5. *lips move slowly as she reads her own blog title several times*


    How did this happen?!!

  6. Lady L, I think it is going to take more than the mention of "her own blog title" to get the attention of my readers. I give up on them. And Claire? God knows. I saw a twitter trail that mentioned compost. So....

    I give it another hour, then...what's the phrase I'm looking for?....fuck it.

  7. No comment. If you can't say something nice then I will shut up.

  8. Go ahead ettarose, make a comment. Even a nasty comment. Give me your honest analysis of this doodle.

    I promise you there are at least two people who would like to hear it.


  9. Eeek! Looks like a venus fly trap to me.

  10. Wow max, you are quite talented.

  11. Alison and Caroline, thanks a bunch. It took me FOREVER to do that. I don't even want to THINK about tomorrow...

  12. "my several hours of hard labor"

    you are sounding like a mother

    That definitely looks like the Audrey 2

    Little Shop of Horrors! Really Max, keep up with your guests!

  13. Speaking of carnivorous...

    Hi Debbie. Where have you been. You can't take of ALL of Mother's day, you know.

    Thank you for that. Now I get it. Too late of course.

    It is much worse than you think. You will probably fine out tomorrow.

  14. something tells me that finding will involve a fine of some sort or another.

    I have been busy being pampered, as it should be :)

    Sons gave me a gi-normous bottle of Peon de'flur you know

  15. Speaking of carnivorous...

    p.s. man eater perhaps, but due to a $20 bet with a dear(?) friend, I haven't consumed meat in many, many years.

  16. Chrysanthemums in May? Which hemisphere do you live in? It's actually very attractive in an odd way.

  17. Even with flowers the lady is disruptive. What do I know about flowers? I only learned about poppies yesterday. I was just trying to spell an interesting word. Perhaps they are found in Japan at this time of year. Yes. That's it. This is a Japanese 'mum.


  18. Debbie-Dear Debbie...

    You are looking, but you are not seeing. So unlike you.

    And how sad about the meat. I shall eat extra for you today. I'll bet he never even paid up, either.

    Think sticky BBQ ribs, Debbie. They are ever so much better than you remember them...

    Send me a picture of you at Applebee's with sauce all over your mouth and I'll send you the $20. Go for it girl. You're overdue. (for eating meat.)




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