Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vote at Claire's Blog! Hurry!!!

Urgent! Don't miss this opportunity! Go to Claire's blog and vote right now while there's still time!

While you're there, help us out with some words. Ok? Pretty please?

Otherwise she can't write another story. (And I really, really, really, REALLY want Claire to do that.

What are you still doing here? Git!!

[Don't try to vote on the above image. It is just a picture. Go to Claire's!!]


  1. I have already voted earlier on. Claire is happy! :-)

    Why? Because she has an interesting story to tell us all. And we're so looking forward to read it. Claire, do you hear me, girl?

  2. I hear you, Claire is horny is winning though :)

    I hope people realise that this is JUST a story not a statement of fact :)

  3. Claire, nothing wrong with being a little horny ... do share with us whatever the state you're in ... we like horny people stories, actually.

  4. What's all this voting about then? With all the voting and whip cracking, it's a wonder I can get any bloody work done at all. Yeah, I posted some new crap. I'll go and vote for whatever this stuff is now.

  5. Ok, ok, I'm going already...

  6. Not long left to vote if you haven't already :)

  7. The votes are in, I shall now get cracking with the next instalment :)



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