Saturday, April 5, 2008

That was really great, Claire!

Thanks again. I learned a lot. At least about one particular subject. I think we all hope you'll do another installment sometime.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate you taking so much time to do this. You are the greatest!


  1. So where is my present then, huh?


  2. Ah. Our little Cheshire cat has rematerialized, I see. And with just as big a grin on her face as well. You won't tell anyway, so I won't ask. Except to say Max thinks Claire has already claimed her prize...

    Got it's good to hear from you again!

  3. Cheshire Cat is actually what I am, as I am from Cheshire, clever boy.

    Heck I would love something orf that site.

  4. I knew that of course. Wouldn't be funny otherwise.

    And you really AREN'T going to tell me if Claire claimed her prize last night, are you? Well, none of MAX'S business anyway, I suppose.

    But, in case you didn't (and I wouldn't believe you now anyway) go ahead. Knock yourself out. I'll get you a gift card.

    Ok--you are fukin' with Max's head again, right?


  5. I am not messing with your head because I usually don't know what your talking about :)

  6. Ok. Then tell me what you mean. I'm getting dizzy talking in circles. I want to give you something because you helped me. You are always helping me. Can't you just tell me what you want, what would please you? (Please?) :)

    PS-thought I had responded to your last comment ages ago. sorry. I think Blogspot isn't sending my email notifications reliably. Or something.

  7. Let me rephrase that.

    Do you want ME to choose something off that site?


    No, I think our relationship is strained enough already, thank you.


    What I really mean to say was:

    Pretty nice picture, ma'am. And I mean that.

    (Max continues talking to himself.)



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