Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BritishSpeak thanks you!

Thank you all out there for the 1,318 unique visits during March. And we weren't even up and running until March 8! Max is satisfied--so far.

And you are ALL truly "unique!"

The highest day? Claire's post. What a surprise, eh? (Thanks, baby. You're the greatest.)

Don't tell anybody Max said that.


  1. I had much fun doing that little story, hopefully the next one will be as well received.

    If you havent already please visit my blog and vote for the next topic, seeing as max has not mentioned it on this post!

    tosser! heh :)

  2. Yeah. Right. Visit Claire's blog. Not that she'll be there. You'll probably have better luck over at .45's where all the cooool people hang out. The toffs.

    Damn! I thought I already posted about that. Are you sure? Will go to work now. Sorry, Claire!

  3. PS Claire. Don't go by that digital sickbag place for a while. I mean, true, he's sucking up to you in his lates post, but there's an uncalled-for remark in a comment that you don't need to see. Thanks.



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