Saturday, April 26, 2008

Terrible things are on the horizon

Don't more Canucklehead wars!

And most of it won't even happen here on BritishSpeak. So don't run off and hide just yet.

Watch for more.


  1. Okay - help a drunk brother out. I'm all for peace - hell, I'll even grant you the fucking victory but it comes as such a shock. I've poured so much of my investments into bootleg Celine Dion CDs that my kid and I are walking around barefoot. The photos provided are of absolutely no help - do I show the picture of the girl with the lollipop as we are in line to eat the soup kitchen? Before you call a truce good sir I would remind you that they to have their consequences. PS - you stink!

  2. @Canucklehead-No disrespect is meant. I had nearly forgotten the part Candy Girl had played in our recent skirmish. I assure you she is not aimed in your direction this time, but at the Australian Outback, sir.

    There is a certain aged religious virgin, you may remember, whose debt to Max remains unsettled. It is time to turn Max's attention now to the settlement of this duel. And Max's choice of weapons, not surprisingly, is pussy.

    You are most welcome down here Sir Canuck, but don't interfere if you please. Merely allow fate to take its course if you will.

  3. lol, canucklehead is so funny. Celine Dion, sir? I guess your nation should apologise for her for the rest of eternity. :-) nevertheless, i'm beginning to like canucklehead more and more each day. as long as he doesn't mess with my max!

    and max, stop teasing us. we need to hear some more of this, what seems to be a truly disgraceful story.

  4. Oh, you'll hear more. As soon as I can track you down and talk to you properly. Besides, you know Candy Girl has a mind of her own. Knowing her, the story will probably be pretty disgraceful. (I hope.) )

    Stop being nice to Canucklehead.



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