Sunday, April 6, 2008

More rude words Claire's post stirred up in Max


  1. I did not intentionally stir you up, as that is dangerous.

    Yes we have tacos, but they are not sold in the fast food places just select restaurants or you make them at home yourself. So that euphemism doesn't really work over here.

  2. As I too am from the southwest, Max you must realize that the term taco is a term we Americans invented. It is not even Mexican. As far as tacos go, how about clams, or snappers, not to be confused with fish. Or can it be? I personally think you enjoy being "stirred up"

  3. i got away easily. well, the ducks were cute. i promise soon i'll get cheeky again, when i regain my strengths.

  4. HA! I've always referred to Jack In The Box fast food tacos as "cat-food" tacos because their "meat" (???) looks like cat food! As for the other kind of tacos...I have not tasted them, so no comment.



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