Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Max does NOT have a one-track mind!

Max has often unfairly been accused on this blog as having a one-track mind. Sometimes the good-natured ribbing is pretty hard to take. Especially for one with such pure, artistic and lofty thoughts as Max.

Others who know Max a little better, know that one of his main hobbies is photography, and that when on vacation he invariably simply buys plastic throw-away cameras. Hence the poor quality of the photos that have appeared on this blog of late. But Max does, of course, have better cameras and better lenses that he uses to shoot events around his home area, and you will be treated to a picture taken with one of those better cameras today. This may not be posted all day, because it is simply for the purpose of showing that Max is capable of taking better-quality pictures at times. The picture shown below is also meant to help refute the unfair jibes that Max has taken from his fellow bloggers about having a one track mind. If you don't know exactly what that "track" is, then thank you for not reading the sorry accusations that have here often appeared.

Finally, those few who REALLY know a little bit more about MAX (such as ettarose) know that Max lives in an area of the USA which is mostly populated by Native Americans. I tell you this so that you will understand that a great deal of Max's photography centers around Native Americans and their public and private cultural events, which are often very colorful and photogenic.

But today's photo example is an attempt at abstract art and should dispel any notions that Max has only a one-track mind, and that he is not really an artist. In the below photo, Max noticed (because of his artistic eye) a group of brightly colored chairs that were used by the participant dancers at a local pow wow. Although the dancers themselves might have been a more obvious photo opportunity to those less artistic than Max, Max saw the chairs as a form of pop abstract art and zeroed in one them like the true artist he is. Please enjoy this fine picture of the colorful chairs.

Thank you for giving Max the opportunity to refute this nasty rumor once and for all.

Photo by Relax Max


  1. Darn. I sure missing going to pow wows. Good on you, Max, making all depressed first thing in the morning.

  2. how nice! Caroline is visiting your blog! i think it looks so much classier with her face there. :-P

  3. Oh Max, you have done it. I know you do not have a one track mind and now there is proof. I think that is quite the loveliest chair I have seen in a while.

  4. It is a wonderful chair - those legs!

  5. That is a rather beautiful chair.

  6. @Kelly-Well, overkill does not make the heart grow fonder, but I USED to enjoy them. Hope someday you have that pleasure again. Max does not intend to depress the Irish artistic one.

    @Marmelade-Didn't understand you at first. Then saw her beautiful face on today's entre advert. Indeed a much needed touch of class for the little doggy's playhouse--for sure!

    Max still senses (and cringes at) the hostility of the unconverted unbelievers. Still unconvinced, they are, that Max is truly pure of thought. Perhaps we should bring back the vicar to offer them redemption from their pervasive cynicism. :)

  7. Just a quick fly by for now. Happy St Georges Day!

    Thanks M. I agree, so much better with me there.



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