Saturday, April 5, 2008

Targets of Disdain...

We all suspected that Americans were not all that keen on European-style football. What we didn't know was to what lengths they would go to discourage their children from learning to play it.


  1. And what do Americans know about association football?

  2. @Marmelade - Now, be nice Marmelade. I just thought it was a funny sign. Besides, you can't vote because you are neither British or American. Glad you stopped by though. You sweet thing, you. :)

    @Jeremy - Can't speak for them all, but speaking for this particular one, he knows enough not to tangle wits with the legendary Jeremy Jacobs. I am honored you found my little blog sir! And I am ready for any lessons about football you would care to bestow upon me. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Max. Trust me, an european girl, be it British or not, has to put up with a lot of rabid monkey behaviour from the omnipresent football fans. You have no idea how much I loath this sport just because of this.

    So yes, to the archery with them. And I get to vote too!

  4. Talk to Maxy about this strange rabid monkey behavior you speak of. Are there any words Max can learn here? :)

  5. max doesn't need to be taught about rabid monkeys behaviour. we love our max as he is.

  6. Thank you Marmelade. You cheer me up in the mornings! (I'm glad when you stop by.) :)



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