Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The "I Got Meme-Tagged by Canucklehead" Post

Normally Max doesn't play games. Max writes. Max talks. Max tries to please women. Stuff like that.

But--and here I refer to the "Please God, deliver me from the Juarez jail" promise--I am forced to play my new friend Canucklehead's meme thing.

First I have to post eight things about myself. Then I have to decide on 8 people to "tag"--people who will have to post 8 things about THEMselves. People who will then forever run from me whenever they see me coming. Then...well, just read the below rules, please.

Here are the rules of the game that I cut and pasted from Canucklehead's parody of a blog:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

Before I start, let me tell you that there are a whole lot of people that Max wanted to tag, but didn't. One especially nice friend who normally would have been tagged, Max took pity on because of her jet lag and presumed behindedness. And several others were not tagged because Max knew they would just wipe their arse with it. So the lucky remaining "tagged" people appear at the bottom of my 8 things. Another way to look at it is that I will soon find out who my real and true friends are, won't I? Don't say it: I already know that, too. I am just in denial.

Most of these 8 things, especially the names, won't mean anything to most of you because Max is from a different time warp than you are, but you can always Google the names. Here goes:

1. James Garner has bought me beers and bummed me cigarettes.
2. I once knocked General William C. Westmoreland almost on his arse (accidentally.)
3. I have swapped bullshit stories and got really crocked with Chuck Conners (Of the Brooklyn Dodgers and TV's "The Rifleman".)
4. I once had a one on one conversation with Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck in an aircraft bunker next to a dirt runway with stray water buffalo grazing nearby.
5. I once was in a dimly lit room with Jayne Mansfield talking one on one, (and, yes, touching, a little) a few months before she was killed. (For you teenyboppers, Jayne was the mother of Marishka Hargitay, then a small child, who survived the crash that killed her famous mother.)
6. I was once grabbed and kissed on camera by an aging Martha Raye. Hell, the old actress was still a good kisser.
7. I once found myself in a corner at a party trying to make small talk with a man who had walked on the moon, and all I could think of to ask him was, “Is it really true you can jump 6 feet off the ground up there?” (Answer, by the way is, “No. Not unless you want to fall on your ass and rip your space suit open and die.”)
8. I once shared a table for 4 with Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, and Joe Torre. How long ago? Well Hammerin' Hank was then only in the 300s and Torre was still a catcher for the Atlanta Braves. You do the math. Sat together for a long time and told me great stories. Aaron and Torre were in awe of Stan The Man, btw. Max could have gotten personalized autographs from each of these legends, but was too ignorant at the time to ask. And then they said goodbye, and left.
Bonus: I once bored people from several countries with the world’s longest blog post.

I tag these people: Caroline-Song of Happiness A Changing Life Edge of Sanity Marmelade Aerten Art Are We There Yet?? because i can Pink Moonz


  1. I am the only one you tag... that seems a little unfair!

  2. Is that what you made me wait for... jeez.

  3. There are several possible answers to that:

    1. You were the only one gullible enough to stay up late with me tonight.

    2. It isn't unfair. You should feel honored.

    3. I said there was going to be seven more when I think of them, so hold your arse woman!


  4. And, finally, if you don't want to do it, I will remove your name. And I will still think you are great for staying up with me. (Even greater if continue to stay up with me, 'cause now that this is done, we can talk some more! :)

  5. And you can help me proof read it now.

  6. OK, Well as you can see from the time stamp I posed my unfair comment before reading your comment on the other blog. Now it seems less unfair.

    I will do this, I am not one from stepping away from a challenge.

    It is not actually that late for me.

    My shortbread is now out the oven and it smells scrummy. It's making me hungry.

  7. Well now I re-read it, and have recovered from the shock of being tagged, I do actually find it rather amusing.

    I am also a little jealous, Jayne Mansfield, eh... good job. You do get around. Also quite impressive, as I thought dogs only had a life span of about 10-15 years, but what do I know. Did you forget to mention that you actually have a time machine, and that is how you made this possible?

  8. That's pretty mean of you. All I can do is look at your picture of the toad sausage pudding thing and drool. All I have in the house are a few Ballpark Hot Dogs and some frozen chicken. Thanks a lot for describing the smell of your shortbread. Hell, you've probably even got some bloke there to snogg with while you eat it. That's pretty low. Even for a Britt. You know? :)

  9. If you will take the time to read Max's profile, he says patiently with a small sigh, you will see that Max has access to an older man's memory banks. Humpf.

  10. Does it make you feel any better, that I can't actually eat it, as I have to save it and take it into work.

    Do you have any flour, milk and eggs? If so you could make yorkshire pudding to go with your Ballpark Hot Dogs, and make an american style toad in the hole...

  11. Well, I didn't say she let me touch her....THERE....but it was still a pretty heady experience for a young Max. She was very patient and understanding. Even let young Maxy kiss her without laughing at him. Very classy indeed.

  12. Well sorry... for not paying full attention to your profile. I must say I like the time machine idea myself.

    It would be quite fun don't you think. Where would you go to if you did have access to a time machine?

  13. So she didn't let you hump her leg then? I have heard you have a habit of doing such things.

  14. I will wait patiently until you finish abusing me, then I will answer all at once, with one single (probably witty) response.

    No. I do not have those ingredients I have

    1. Ball Park franks (3)

    2. Frozen chicken breasts (3 lb)

    3. Some hard french fries

    4. 7 cats.

  15. OK, you may answer now, and I will wait (again) patiently.

  16. I'm still getting email notifications from five minutes ago. Pretty soon we won't have a clue which is related to what comment. I think I will wait 3 minutes and let Google catch up with Caroline. :)

    She deserves responses to the proper comments on the proper blog posts.

    And you didn't answer my sly question about the bloke. None of Maxy's business. Ok. He can accept that. For now. :)

    Caroline should also note, should she choose to refresh her page, that she is no longer quite alone, tag-wise.

  17. Thank you for your entre recommendation, by the way. You're so cute.

    Time machine sounds even better.

    Max did not hump her leg. Max was not born.

    Glad you can't eat your shortcake and must suffer too. Sorry you feel you have to suck up at work. I would just eat a big chunk of the f____r. Shows how much a better person you are than me.

  18. I saw that I was joined by a couple of other people.

    Of course I should wait before typing anymore so that google can catch up with me.

    I should really learn to put all I have to say in one comment, but I don't work that way. I even had a comment at work today, that people will receive multiple emails from me, as I can't just send one... oh well, something for me to work on I guess.

    In response to your bloke question, he isn't here snogging me right now while I smell my shortbread, but I do have one. We are actually going to be moving intogether in a couple of weeks.

    See I am already doing better, I have covered a number of items in one comment - woo hoo!

    And, as for what you can eat.. you a dog aren't you (who has an amazing ability to type by the way, what do you use? your nose? do you have a special keyboard? I won't even get into the fact that you can talk, and don't just go woof woof all the time.) any way, where was I, you're a dog, therefore I wouldn't have thought you would be so picky

    See this is what happens when I put everything into one comment.

  19. No, I like the way you comment in pieces like that. It's just that you think faster than I do.

    Earlier posts will clear up how Max is able to type, and how his claws slip of frantically when the babes get him too excited.

    Good news about the bloke. Max will get Caroline revved up during the day, and Mr. Bloke can put out the fire at night. Bloke is happy. Max doesn't have to back up his big talk. Win-win.

  20. Do you remember who Yummy Biscuits is? I just bought an advert in his name and I don't want you to turn it down because you don't know who it is.

  21. You sure do have it all figured out don't you.

    I write more on your blog than I do my own. That just doesn't seem quite right to me.

  22. How could I forget? I approved it. My memory is not so decayed.

  23. Max will cum write on your blog if you want. What kind of audience type do you have?

    Don't tell me you blog for nuns, either.

    Is it just girly stuff? Let me go see...

    Baking? Knitting? Moving?

    Oh! Caroline! Baby!

    THAT isn't going to pack them in!--not even the nuns.

    You've got to tell the girls how you did the bloke on the floor when you got to Portland and how you made him scream, "CHRIST WAS A JEW!!!" when you....um. Never mind.

    But Maxy can get you going with a few guest posts if you like? Or is your blogging object not to get traffic?

  24. You can go comment as you wish on one of my other blogs. My caromie blog is primarily tied to my etsy store, and the etsy community.

    I have a travel blog out there, which is in serious neglect (due to the fact I haven't travelled anywhere lately) , and another random blog which I had great intentions for, but it ended up becoming a place for me to store things I come across.

    I am happy to continue commenting on your blog, until I know what I am doing with mine, and/or create a proper one. To be honest, I have never been much of a writer, nor did I ever think people would actually want to read anything that I had to say. So I never really bothered. Much less pressure just to post a bunch of comments on someone elses blog.

  25. But I don't WANT to comment on any of your "other" blogs. If you want to keep me away from your espy nuns, then you will have to start up a new blog with the subject of Max's choosing, and show the world the REAL Caroline. And there MUST be pictures. What do you say? Can Maxy start selling subscriptions tomorrow. If you pose totally bareass, Maxy will give you 5%, fair enough?

  26. Will that one be ok with your mum, btw?

  27. OK, now you actually have me laughing out loud. Well done!

    I agree to the starting up of a new blog... I am not sure if you get to pick the subject... however, I certainly think you could suggest a subject or two... however, I will not post anything that my mother wouldn't approve of, so you can forget your smut right now Mr Maxy!

  28. You may not know her as well as you think. Give me your mum's phone number, eh? And if she agrees do we have a starkers deal?

    How many tagged people do I have now, btw?

    I haven't deleted any yet. Haven't had time to look yet.

  29. Caroline, you don't have to buy an advert. You're just starting out. I'll give you the credits if you really want to. Do you understand how to do coupons?

  30. I got a coupon already, and I seemingly have plenty of credits, so no need to worry about it.

    There is no way I am giving you my mum's number... I dread to think about the ways in which you would attempt to seduce her.

    You have tagged 6 people btw.

    Besides, I am not sure the world is ready to see me starkers.

    And even if my mum was to agree, I still wouldn't want her to see it, which is sort of the point. It has little do with what my mum may or may not like, but more do with what I may or may not like my mum to see, you see.

  31. Well Mr, I have things I need to do before I go to work tomorrow, so I am going to leave the night owl now.

    Have sweet dreams when ever you may make it to your bed.

  32. Whatever you say. She might like me, though. HEY! IT COULD HAPPEN!

    six, huh? Maybe I'll just tag you twice more, under those "other" porno blogs you are running. How would that be? I didn't think so. Hmmmm. Who have I not offended lately?

    Rest assured the world is ready to see you starkers and that many of them would PAY to see you starkers.

    And if I get your mum to agree never to read that blog ever ever ever? Then would you do it?

  33. Ok. Thanks for your company. It was much longer than I expected. You are great! 'Night.

  34. It was much longer than I expected too, but it was fun. I'll be out tomorrow night though, going to watch a band, so you'll have to find another unsuspecting girl to keep you occupied. Maybe you can persuade said girl to do your rudey dudey blog.

  35. Well - look what you've started now... is this acceptable?

    Been as you didn't give me any options that I was willing to go with I started on my own.

    Now, I can go to sleep.


  36. Is this the important news? I see.

    Well I've already done 6 unimportant things so I'll give you 2 more here:

    7. I have never met anyone famous.
    8. You are almost as old as I am, or that could even be vice versa.

  37. all i see is more bloody homework...

    ok sir, put down the rod.. I will hand in my homework soon.. Unless my bunny eats it...

  38. Ummm... a?

    Can I take that double-talk to mean you will post 8 things on your blog and make 8 of your friends hate you?

    I sure hope so, cuz here I come.

    Love you. But you knew that already. :)

  39. Little B! Baby girl! I can't understand a word you say but what else is new. Maxy just wants to hear a "yes" from you soooooo badly that he's gonna loosely translate those things you just said to mean, "YES MAX! YOU"RE DAMN RIGHT I WILL!"

    And so, Max is now winging his way to South Africa to politely leave his doglike mark on his Little B's super blog....


  40. Fine. I posted something. I hope you're happy.

  41. Jesus - and I thought reading the actual posts was a chore - can't you guys get a (chat) room?

  42. @aerten - see, that wasn't so hard was it? And you've made little Max so very happy too! ;)

    @Canucklehead - Good morning to you too. Coming around checking to see if I really did it, or just hoping to find a Fat Bastard dump to sniff around? You won't be disappointed for very long. I'm working on the shit illustrations right now. I'm still leery about posting that stuff on this righteous blog, though. Or maybe I could just have a "Filthy Friday" or something. Eh?

  43. @Max... next time it goes on the blog with no traffic. No wait. There will be no next time, right?

    @Canuck... Max loves to talk. He'll even have loooong conversations with himself because he loves talking so much. Yep, Max is a talker.

    (Trying something new with the login...)

  44. I finally finished. Don't tell me it was easy, because it wasn't.

    Warning to others - Relax Max is a misnomer, he never relaxes the pressure on you, never. It has been a long day ....

  45. 1 - Max, you need to get a chat room so that you don't have to have these running dialogues in your comment section!

    2 - I shall be happy to do this as soon as I can get a little extra time to think of eight things that won't bore the pants off of people! Then again, depending on who I'm boring that might not be such a bad thing!

  46. @a. - Again I apologize. No more memes. Sorry.

    @Linda - Hi Linda. You don't have to do it. I'm really sorry, ok? I have no interest in a chat room, so will use email. Thanks for offering, Ok?



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