Friday, April 25, 2008

Daydream Doodle

Today's doodle is a random doodle, such as one would do on a telephone book while talking on the telephone.


  1. Remarkable resemblance to the previous one...

  2. What a sharp eye. Yes I doodled randomly upon yesterdays doodle. I did check the rules first and found no limitation in this regard. Phone books and composition books seemed only to be suggestions, not mandatory.

    Still inside that box of yours my valued friend. Break free and fly! :)

  3. It appears to be a benevolent creature to my eye, about to feast on the Ebola virus.

  4. You nailed it Mark. Not many people are so up on their virusi. I commend your sharp eye. :)

  5. What a delightful doodle. It rivals anything found on a's site. Well done.

  6. *deep breeath*

    You certainly fill in hte canvass. No grey areas?

  7. Sigh....
    1:44 I said your flower doodle was attractive
    1:45 I said that this one was remarkably similar.

    Where's the problem? Did I say it was wrong? Did I say you had cheated? Why the attack on my flying skills? What have I done wrong NOW?

  8. it is wonderful max, i am not quite ready to post my mess yet, but it will be there by lunch time.

    Happy Monday

  9. Dear a., Silly that I am, I apparently took your "Remarkable resemblance to the previous one..." as not the compliment you intended, but rather a somewhat accusatory remark (I thought) that I perhaps hadn't done the "required" work, but had instead lazily copied the previous day's doodle. And, extrapolating this to the (I thought) logical conclusion, I felt you meant that doing a completely new doodle would have been somehow more honorable.

    Now that you have pointed out the two succeeding comments (albeit one on a different post and therefore not as obvious as you might have us believe) I now CAN see that there might have been a genuine complement in there. Not.

    I have, in the past indicated (probably incorrectly as well) that you might be afflicted with a touch of anal-ity, what with your penchant for numbered paragraphs and bullets. How unfortunate indeed that I made the quantum leap from numbers and bullets and properly separated paragraphing to your seeming insistence that I follow your imagined doodle rules as to "no-duplication allowed".

    And you were, all along, simply trying to pay me an honest compliment. How very low I feel right now for making such a ridiculous assumption.

    Please feel free to fly back into your non-existent anal box, secure in the knowledge that you are complete correct in this matter.

    And I think you are.

    And I am very sorry indeed.

    Will you forgive me?

  10. Hello Caroline. Thank you for the kind remark. I will be eagerly awaiting your doodle for today. I am sure it will be much different than your doodle from yesterday. :)

  11. I doodle everyday, while I am on the phone, or just day dreaming. I decided to post what ever I have done by lunchtime onto my blog. However, as I have to rely on my cell phone again, it might be later this afternoon before it decides to actually send it.

    I am having a yukkie morning, and am in a horrid mood by the way. Just thought I'd warn you. :)

  12. I'll fly back in my box then Max, though I'd prefer to take the train :) :)

  13. And I'm always very happy for people to bend the rules, in spite of what you might think. I like a bit of lateral thinking. The one and only blog-thing I do with rules is PhotoHunt and I bend the rules for that with great pleasure.



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